You can get paid doing work you love while being a great mom.

As a breadwinning mom, you may think you have to choose between your work and your kids.

That you have to choose between doing well in your career at the expense of spending time with your kids.

Or be a fully present and involved mom but give up your career.

What if you could do work you love, make great money doing that, while at the same time being a fully present, involved mom and role model to your kids?

The MOMS WHO PROFIT online course & coaching program will show you how to live your life beyond 'work-life balance', or even 'work-life integration.

MOMS WHO PROFIT will show you career, time and money management strategies and tools so that you can make a lucrative living doing what you love WHILE being a great mom to your kids!


Join MOMS WHO PROFIT to learn


Most people miss out this key principle when going for their goals and dreams. Learning this key principle helps you figure out where to start from so you can stop going round and round in circles and feel like you're not getting anywhere.


Find out what your true talents are. Everyone has something they do better than the next person. Your job is to figure out what yours are and use them to make a difference in your world. Oh, the money that comes with it is just a nice bonus!


How you spend your time, energy and money is EVERYTHING. Mastering this and using it in combination with the key principle is exactly what enables you to make a great living doing what you love while also being a great mom.

When you're making a good living with your passion and talents which allow you to provide a great lifestyle for yourself and your kids, you are being a great mom.

Being a fully present, involved, role model mom demands that you live from your highest, happiest, truest and most fulfilled self - first.

That isn't selfish. Anyone who tells you taking care of your own needs means you're a selfish mother is wrong.

You can never be the best mom you can be to your kids when you hold resentment, bitterness, anger, and unfulfilled dreams that you then live through your kids by making them live out your choices.

As moms, you hold incredible power and influence over your kids - your power and influence either sets them up for success or failure in life.

I can't think of a more selfless thing to do than to make sure you're giving your best self to your kids because you want the best for them.

But most moms have been conditioned to believe that taking care of themselves first means being selfish.

So you end up living with 'mom guilt' whenever you make a choice to take care of your needs first.

Your kids really don't need you feeling that guilt that leads you to overcompensate by then giving them anything they want - which ends up handicapping them for life.

What good does that do them?

There's a reason why emergency procedures in an airplane always remind you to put on your own oxygen mask first, before attending to your child.

By the end of the program, you'll


Have the roadmap to create and live your dream life by understanding the key principle of success, using tools and techniques to propel you towards making a living doing what you love. Doing this enables you to live your truest, highest self, so you can be the best mom you can be to your kids.


Dreams and goals are great. And you need a systematic way to transform those dreams and goals into reality. Otherwise, they just end up staying as unfulfilled dreams and goals. Get a organized, methodical system that works for busy moms. A little every day goes a very long way.


You'll know exactly what your choices about your time, energy and money are costing you and what you gain in return. Then, you get to decide from a place of clarity and confidence the best decisions for you and your kids.


MOMS WHO PROFIT is an online course and coaching program that is perfect for you if...

  • You're feeling unfulfilled in your job, and know there's something 'more' for you, but you can't leave because you have a family to support.
  • You're dealing with mom guilt and struggling to find 'work-life balance'. You're tired of always feeling forced to choose between your kids and your work.
  • You're wondering if you should take that big job with the big salary that you know will give your family a better life, yet, you're worried it's going to come at the cost of less family time.
  • You're constantly worried and anxious about not having enough money. It's draining your energy and affecting your emotional and mental health. Your relationships with loved ones are strained because of money and you're losing sleep over it.
  • You feel like you're working all the time and depleted of energy, but still have nothing to show for it. You have 'things you always wanted to do' but somehow life got in the way and you never got round to doing it.
  • You have passions and dreams of doing what you love, but you just can't find the time, energy or money to get going or even know where to start.

What do you get when you join MOMS WHO PROFIT?

MOMS WHO PROFIT is designed to give you straightforward, simple steps to start getting clear about your natural talents and what brings you joy in life. This is the starting point to begin discovering how you can use these talents and make a living doing what you love and what you're great at.

As a breadwinning mom, you're busy. You're juggling family, work, finances, time, caregiving, friends and everything in between. What you want is flexibility, clear steps and simple tools to make life easier and more fun!

When you join MOMS WHO PROFIT, you get that - the flexibility to go through the course at your own pace. With access the moment you sign up, there are no renewals, no additional fees, nada.

You get to keep the course for as long as you like. You can watch the lessons as videos on your computer or phone, or just download the audio and listen on the go. It's up to you.

Just because it's convenient and flexible doesn't mean you're left on your own though! You're always supported through the live monthly group coaching video calls with me. Join the calls live, or if you can't make it, catch the replay at a timing that suits you.

Flexibility and having supportive people around me have always been key to enabling my success, so that is the experience I want to create for you!


Who you are BEING

  • Understand what is your identity & self-image - 'I'm the sort of person who...'.
  • Identify your current beliefs & stories driving your actions.
  • See how your relationship with your time, energy, and money brings your current results.
  • Learn how to use your identity, beliefs, stories and actions to identify your true talents.


What you do - TEM

  • Learn what exactly is time, energy and money.
  • Understand your relationship with time, energy and money and how can use them to make a living doing what you love while being a great mom.
  • Gain clarity of your money and time situation so that you know exactly what you can make with your talents with the time you have versus what you'll need to live your dream life and close the gaps, if any.


What you get - RESULTS

  • Review your current reality with honesty and courage (who you've been 'being').
  • Objectively assess where you are now versus where you want to be.
  • Create a plan to identify which part of your BEING needs to change so that you can express your talents fully, get paid well for them, and be a role model to your kids.
  • Uncover blindspots and roadblocks standing in your way so that you develop the right actions to overcome them instead of spinning your wheels and staying stuck.

Meet Sharon.

I'm Sharon and your trainer for the MOMS WHO PROFIT program.

After climbing the corporate ladder for almost 2 decades, I realized I was on top of the wrong ladder!

Just as I started feeling this weird feeling I couldn't quite put my finger on, the universe helped me out through a series of interesting events.

I was thrust into the role of a breadwinning mom kicking and screaming, fighting against my story that my husband was supposed to provide for our family, not me!

Shortly after, I was let go from my well paying job which I thought would bring me financial security. That clearly wasn't the case!

All of this was happening while we were paying off a 6-figure business debt - my (real-life) MBA student loan - from a cafe that didn't become profitable enough.

Long story short, all of these events forced me to figure out how to make the money I wanted to give my family the lifestyle I desired and still be there for my kids.

I resisted all the pressure and opportunities to take on bigger roles which required me to travel and be away from my kids. I stood firm on my boundaries while colleagues gossiped behind my back and labeled me as someone who was very 'by the clock'. I learned to ask for a raise, earning more in that 30 minute conversation than I did years before by keeping my head down, working hard, misled that if I did that, someone would notice and pay me more. Luckily for me, my marriage 'survived' all the fights with my husband about money, time at work, and more!

All that to say that I learned the hard way how the person you're being is defined by how you spend your time, energy and money. Yet, most people haven't been taught how to master these relationships.

I share everything I learned the slow and painful way over the past 20 years of my life to show you that it's possible to make a great living doing what you love - and doing what you love is exactly who you're supposed to be, because by default, doing that makes you the best version of yourself and therefore the best mom you'll ever be to your kids.

This is YOUR LIFE. Going after your dream is what you're supposed to be doing with your life! Figuring out what your talents are, figuring out how to make money using them, and having fun along the way is what you're here to do!

On top of that, because you're a mom, you hold incredible power and influence over your kids. I can't think of any other 'job' as important as motherhood. You're responsible for another human being and you're shaping their lives every single moment.

You weren't born into this world to be miserable and make everyone else around you miserable too. You have talents, gifts and a mission to accomplish while you're here. And I'm going to show you how.

What I teach in MOMS WHO PROFIT are precisely the steps I took to reinvent myself, and create a system I use daily to keep living my dream life - through the good days and the bad days.

Because, who ever said going after your dream life was supposed to be like a Disney Princess movie? You WILL have good days and bad. You WILL have ups and downs.

But you can choose to go through it elegantly, gracefully and courageously. That takes strength - and it's a strength in you I know you have.

Ok, now for the 'professional' credential stuff to impress you with...

I'm a certified leadership trainer and ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment) qualified. My 20-year corporate career is in human resources, recruiting, leadership development and training. I've led teams and worked across London, Stockholm, New York City and I'm now based in my hometown here in Singapore. You can check out my LinkedIn profile for more details about my professional qualifications.

I can't wait to share everything I learned with you so you can create and live your dream life, do work you love, and be the best mom to your kids that you can ever be!

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